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My Gaming Family by CharlotteTurner My Gaming Family by CharlotteTurner
Good thing none of my family check my Deviantart Page. Heee. So I'm HORRIBLY poor this year, so I decided to make some 'character charts' for my family since all of them at some point in time enjoy video games.

My Brother: He's adorable, and an intelligent little man. He's already creating his own levels and packs for Minecraft and VVVVVVVV, he's small though so has an old laptop, and limited funds, so I tend to help him out by pointing him in the direction of indie bundles he can use his pocket money on.
Loves Minecraft, Terraria, VVVVVVV and Sonic the Hedgehog (He has all the plushies and pjs)

My Sisters Boyfriend: Don't let the image fool you, he's a mild mannered sweetheart, if I ever wished for an older brother it would be he. But the niche he fills is his love of the 'Manly games', Call of Duty, Mass Effect. He enjoys other games I can relate with as well, Like Portal, iphone games and such, but since it's the void in the family this is what he gets stuck with. XD
Loves MANRY Games, and lots of others

My Sister: While not typically as fanatic about games as me, she makes a hobby out of her looks and hair (it could be blonde now for all I Know) and to all appearances otherwise would come across as a stereotypical girly girl. And then sometimes a few times a year, magical moonrays will affect her brain and she'll come asking me for a few video games. She picked up Skyward Sword and Portal 2 this year and plowed on through the night. Used to love playing games with me when we were little but would throw a tizzy if I won. Broke my sega controller once in this manner.
Loves Zelda, Portal, Final Fantasy

My Mum: Ahhh my Mum, where would I be without her. When I was very small she rented out a gameboy (yes you read that right) at a hotel, and with it came 'Wario Land', the original, she never put it down the entire time and for that period I watched her. From then on she noticed my fixation with games and nurtured it accordingly with consoles. Through the years though she's dipped in on several games, ranging from Spyro the dragon, Sonic the Hedgehog and such, but mostly just enjoys the casual scene now. Legends says she once had some time on World of Warcraft as well.
Loves Angry Birds, Bejeweled, Peggle

My Dad: Again, my dad was the counter balance, he's never shown a huge passion for games, but I did one time wake up in the night to see both of my parents relentlessly ploughing through Sonic 2 to groans and frustration but clearly having fun and it's such a happy memory. My dad also played Half Life when it first came out and enjoyed watching his wacky Spanish friend play counter-strike and loosing to the millions of hackers that game had. But due to recent years he rarely picks up a game anymore, sometimes though we'll sit on the wii and hand him a controller but he mostly has no idea what's going on. Enjoys Linux though and is genuinely interested in seeing the Linux Steam version come to fruition.
Loves Half-Life, watching games being played
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YukiMatsuda Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow I love it!!!

I wanna do one of my family haha
BobtailedDumpling Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Hey. We have the same family.

Except that my mother is your mum and sister combined (whines and tizzies if she can't play her casual games) while my little bro is gradually evolving into my equivalent of your Sister's boyfriend minus the sweetheart aspect (must've glitched).
CharlotteTurner Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Lol, Little brothers are designed to be shits sometimes, But our age gap is so big, and I draw him cartoons that he's not allowed to hate me for long. I've kept him far away from Shooters so far. He might one day evolve a taste for them but he's a sensitive chap most of the time, and loves his PC games.

Gaming families are happy ones in my experience.

Mass wide family arguement?

Super Smash Brothers time. Usually it at least gets everyone to hate me instead of each other.
BobtailedDumpling Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
My bro and I have a 4 1/2 year gap. And we've rarely gotten along in our years together. Funnily enough, violent video games and the 'calmer' games like Minecraft and some RPGs is how we bond.

My gaming family got off to a rocky start in that it was first my uncle who played Megaman and such, but he never let me play until I was about 5. Then he showed me Pokemon.

We've had arguments about what to play on family night. Thank GOD for the Wii. It has more "family" multiplayer games.

SSB is our family game. Oddly enough it is the only one we can play and not try to kill each other or yell "HACKER!!!!"
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